Adam Cruz: Long Bio

Adam Cruz is a DJ, artist, author, record label executive, graphic designer and music business enthusiast. Adam has made dance floors groove to his expansive collection of music and his spirited DJing style for years. Heavily influenced by such legendary DJs and producers as Frankie Feliciano, Doug Smith, Tony Humphries, Louie Vega and so many others, Adam has taken the house music community by storm, producing and playing great music from around the globe. Not surprisingly, his passion for music has garnered respect and admiration from his musical peers for years.

Adam's innovative approach has been heard from Washington D.C.'s Andalu Club and Club Red to London's SoshoMatch and Notting Hill Arts Club. He has also played live at Club Core in Tokyo and Cariocas Beach Bar in Greece. Back across the globe in New York City, Adam has been heard at Bang the Party, Sole Channel, and Roots at Club Cielo, alongside Kevin Hedge and Grammy Award-winner, Louie Vega.

For almost four years, Adam dedicated his time to playing at Brooklyn's Halcyon, where his party, Mixtape Sessions, took on a new venue and voice for house music, playing alongside such artists and DJs as Louie Vega, Blaze, Tony Humphries, Jellybean Benitez, DJ Mr. V, Frankie Feliciano, and many others.

Concurrently and after Halcyon closed its doors at 227 Smith Street, Adam began broadcasting his interviews from that Brooklyn café over the Internet. Aptly calling it "Mixtape Sessions," Adam was one of the first DJs in his community to host an online radio show.

Having been a DJ since he was 10 years old, it’s no surprise that his love of music led him to work directly with historic dance music label MAW Records for producing duo Masters at Work ("Little Louie" Vega and Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez) and later, with the legendary disco label West End Records, founded by disco pioneer Mel Cheren (called "The Godfather of Disco").

In 2004, Adam became the A&R and Production Director for that illustrious label and in 2009, he was appointed Vice President. Adam has signed over 50 musical copyrights, co-produced a documentary film about Mel Cheren, and worked with producers and artists from all over the world, including: Blaze, MAW, DJ Spinna, hip-hop pioneers Marley Marl and Red Alert, and many others.

Today, Adam runs his own record label, Mixtape Sessions, and co-owns another record label at Honeycomb Music, alongside longtime music partner Josh Milan. From time to time, he also dabbles in art, having recently developed a graphic art series, entitled “Plena Punk,” exploring his questions around Puerto Rican identity.

For Mixtape Sessions, Adam released his third "Freedom" LP, a fantastic follow up to his critically acclaimed "Emospiritual Travelin" album. As a producer, he has built a solid reputation for his creative production style and song-writing prowess. Adam has recorded with award-winning artists such as Eddie Nicholas, Flora Cruz, Gerideau, Lillias White, Manchildblack, queen AaMinah, and several others. As a DJ, he spins an energetic blend of Jazz, Funk, Latin, and soulful Dance music to a solid base of loyal listeners.

For eleven seasons now, he has been discussing music business news and trends from around the globe on the "Freedom Radio Hour," broadcasting weekly on Capital Radio 91.6FM The Heartbeat of Sudan in Africa and on the web at:

Adam Cruz has also released his first book! In "Free the Music Business: Tips and Tales from an Indie Music Nerd," he takes you on a fast-paced journey through the complicated world of streaming music. In his distinctive narrative style, Adam details the effects that manual interplay has had on royalties and chronicles the diminishing value of music, the rise of streaming services and the changing attitudes of music lovers.

Adam also shares tips and tales from his days of running a widely popular NYC disco label at the turn of the millennium.

"Free the Music Business . . ." is the culmination of his experience working and recording with some of house music's biggest talents as well as research collected for the Freedom Radio Hour, a music business radio show he produces and hosts on Fridays 12pm EST

Adam earned his B.A. in Creative Arts & Technology - Music Technology from Bloomfield College and has been a voting member of The Recording Academy since 2006. He currently resides in Bloomfield, New Jersey with his wife and three children.

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